Flower Class Corvette Depth Charge Set

Ref: GLSA72010A

Flower Class Corvette Depth Charge Set 1:72 [with all rails, throwers & stowage chocks] - this very large set has over 340 parts in cast metal & etched brass. Included are: 4 Mk.II depth charge thrower units with fully-detailed bases and mounted depth charges, 4 depth charge davit assemblies, 14 side-stowed depth charges with stowage chocks, 1 pair of super-detailed depth charge rails - including 12 depth charges for each & release mechanism detailing, 6 smoke floats with depth charge rail-mounted stowage, 2 7x deck-mounted depth charge stowage racks [each with depth charges] - as fitted to Bluebell and others

(designed to be used with Revell Flower Class Corvette kits)