U.S.S. Kidd

U.S.S. Kidd

Ref: DM16

This Deans Marine kit boasts the the following features:

Designed as a working radio controlled model, but with enough detail to make a nice static display model as well
Plated Glassfibre hull, with all portholes and other surface details moulded in.
The decks and superstructure comprise of computer printed Plasticard sheet, which aid the quick assembly of these items.
Bulky items such as the funnel, ship’s boats, and turrets etc, are Vac-formed lightweight plastic mouldings.
Cast white metal and resin deck fittings.
Etched brass for fine detail such as stanchions and radars
Propshaft, tube and propeller.
Full sized plan.
English building instructions with photographic and line drawing, building llustrations.

Scale: 1:96
Model Length: 1168mm

Minimum Radio Control functions: 2
Number of propshafts: 2
Recommended motors: Two Deans Kondor Motors
Recommended battery: One or Two 6v 2ah Nicad packs


The U.S.S. Kidd is typical of the Fletcher class destroyers, built by various yards for the U.S. NAVY between 1940 and 1944. Of the two major versions, this model is of the later and more numerous types equipped with a heavy A/A weapons fit. The Fletcher class was the U.S. Navy’s most important fleet destroyer of W.W.11, and served with particular distinction in the Pacific Theatre, where its long range and excellent weapons fit proved invaluable. She was one of the most powerful and successful types of destroyer ever constructed during W.W.2. The ship now resides at baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA.

The type was retained in service after the war, and some were released for export from the 1950's. They were sent to many navies, from South America to the Far East. These ships were so well constructed that some are still in service to this day and will only be withdrawn for lack of spares.