63ft Motor Gun Boat

63ft Motor Gun Boat

Ref: DM28

This Deans Marine kit boasts the the following features:

Designed as a working radio controlled model, but with enough detail to make a nice static display model as well
Glassfibre hull.
Plywood deck.
The complete superstructure, Carley float and battery box are lightweight Vac-formed plastic mouldings, which reduce weight and speed up building time.
Cast white metal and resin deck fittings.
Propshaft, tube and propeller.
Full sized plan.
English building instructions with photographic and line drawing, building illustrations.

Scale: 1:24
Model Length: 812mm

Minimum Radio Control functions: 2
Number of propshafts: 1
Recommended motors: Deans Kestrel
Recommended battery: One 6v 2ah Nicad pack

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This type of craft was developed for the Navy by the British Power Boat Co, as an Anti Submarine & Motor Gun Boat. They proved to be on the small side for the dual role, and although very fast and manoeuvrable they quickly lost their edge against the more heavily armed "E" boats, and in rough weather when loaded they lost the speed edge. The boats at that time operated at night so they are camouflaged for low visibility when illuminated from above by starshell.

These small craft were one of the few to be fitted with the Rolls Royce cannon, one of the only weapons to be made by this noteworthy firm. Needless to say this weapon was superbly constructed and its accuracy was said to be formidable in the hands of a competent gunner. The gun was a single shot 40mm cannon, less lucky craft were fitted with the standard 20mm Oerlikon.

Many of these launches were diverted to the R.A.F for conversion to Air Sea Rescue launches. During W.W.1 I this type of craft became the famous Whaleback