H.M.S. Vanquisher

H.M.S. Vanquisher

Ref: DM33

This Deans Marine kit boasts the the following features:

Designed as a working radio controlled model, but with enough detail to make a nice static display model as well
Plated Glassfibre hull, with all portholes and other surface details moulded in.
The decks and superstructure comprise of computer printed Plasticard sheet, which aid the quick assembly of these items.
Bulky items such as the funnel, ship’s boats, and turrets etc, are Vac-formed lightweight plastic mouldings.
Cast white metal and resin deck fittings.
Delicate items like the hand rails, ladders and stanchions are from etched brass sheet, which keep the weight down.
Propshaft, tube and propeller.
Full sized plan.
English building instructions with photographic and line drawing, building illustrations.

Scale: 1:96
Model Length: 1003mm

Minimum Radio Control functions: 2
Number of propshafts: 2
Recommended motors: Two Deans Kyte
Recommended battery: One or Two 6v 2ah Nicad packs


The ‘V’ class of destroyer is most probably the best known and the most successful, to serve in the Royal Navy. They were the most numerous and longest serving class of ships ever built. The Vanquisher was completed at the John Brown & Co yard on the Clydebank in 1917. On a displacement of 1,090 tons and engines of 27,000 s.h.p, she steamed at a maximum 34 knots. Vanquisher served in the Royal Navy throughout the second world war when she was converted to a long range escort. Almost totally worn out after her long and strenuous service she was sold for scrap in March 1947. Thought by many to be the best looking of all the British destroyers constructed, these ships were the most coveted command of many a naval officer. The classic lines of these ships can be seen in a larger size in all following British ships in the ‘A’ to ‘I’ class, of which the Daring is an example.