H.M.S Hannibal

H.M.S Hannibal

Ref: DM75

This Deans Marine kit boasts the the following features:

One piece fibreglass hull with all plating detail and armour belt, plus all casemates, hatches portholes, anchor bedplates, and the massive rambow, all moulded into the hull
One piece fibreglass moulded superstructure with deck planking and gun port detail engraved into the moulding.
Laser cut ply subdeck.
Vac-formed ships boat and funnels
over 400 cast white metal and resin fittings.
Brass etched sheet containing over 300 ancillary detailed fitting parts.
Propshafts with oiling tube and cast scale 'A' frames, cast metal rudder assembly, non working display props
Multi-sheet plan and fully illustrated building instruction manual

Scale: 1:96
Model Length: 1650mm

Minimum Radio Control functions: 2
Number of propshafts: 2
Recommended motors: Two Deans Kestrel Motors.
Recommended battery: One 6v 4ah sealed lead acid


In 1895 the first of the Majestic class battleships came into service. This started a naval revolution as startling as the one that followed the launching of the 'Dreadnought'. For the first time 4 new sets of design's were put together in one ship making them what is now known as a Pre-Dreadnought. The four new technologies were, high velocity main weapons, quick firing 6in mid calibre guns. face hardened armour, and telescopic gunsights. The Majestics were the first capital ships whose main weapons were effective in rough seas due to their high freeboard and good sea-keeping qualities. The visual impact of these ships at that time cannot be imagined, but they must have been the same as the 'star wars' weapons of today, and they made the British fleet supreme the world over.