Fairmile D MTB 605 1:24  1470mm

Fairmile D MTB 605 1:24 1470mm

Ref: DM83

This Deans Marine kit boasts the the following features:
Glass fibre detailed hull
1.5mm Plastic deck and superstructure
1mm Printed plastic details
Colour coded printed superstructure.
Vac formed details, life rafts, gun cabs etc Moulded motor mounts
Pre-printed deck panelling
Full metal fittings set Cast resin fittings Stainless steel Prop shafts, propellers, & skegs
Full size full colour plan WITH EMBEDDED HI RESOLUTION COLOUR PHOTOS and full colour detailing of metal, plastic and resin parts.
Digital instructions.
Pre- cut waterproof vinyl Decals set

Scale: 1:24
Model Length: 1460mm

Minimum Radio Control functions: 2
Number of propshafts: 4
Recommended motors: Four Deans Kestrel Motors
Recommended battery: One 6v 10ah sealed lead acid, or 2x 6volt 2ah nicad packs


The type D was produced to combat the known advantages of the German S-Boat (from Schnellboat,but always called E-Boats by the allies). Their low silhouette and excellent sea-going qualities were much sought after, and they were more heavily armed as the British "short boats".

The lines of the D were developed at the admiralty by William John Holt, then head of the boat section of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors. The distinctive hull form was developed, figuratively by splicing an destroyer type bow on to a fast motor boat stern. The hull form was tested in the Admiralty Experimental Tank at Haslar towards the end of 1939, though with the testing of variations it was to take its final shape until march 1941. It was then linked with the powerful American Packard petrol engines, again under provided under Lend-Lease, with four engines, and four propeller shafts fitted into the wide after hull.

The ‘Dog Boats’ - the D class Fairmile MTBs and MGBs - formed one of the classes of wooden boat produced by the Fairmile Marine Company. The history of that company is a tribute to one man’s vision and drive and to the positive and speedy decision-making that resulted from the existence of an urgent requirement: exactly the conditions that existed in 1939.

Our Representation Model MTB605 in November 1944, armed with one 6-pounder gun on a Mark VII mounting, two twin .5-in machine guns on Mark V [power] mountings, two twin .303-in Vickers machine-guns (not shown), one twin 20-mm Oerlikon on a Mark IX mounting, one 6-pounder gun on a Mark VI mounting, two 18-in torpedo tubes, two depth charges, a single 2-in rocket flare launcher and provision for mines.