Response. Steam Picket Boat

Response. Steam Picket Boat

Ref: DM94

Primarily designed for demonstrating models at model at shows, this new range has rapidly gained a following for really small radio controlled models operated in small ponds or swimming pools..

Kit Features:
Designed as a working radio controlled model
Glassfibre hull with port detail moulded in.
Computer drawn Plasticard superstructure and deck components.
Cast white metal and resin deck fittings
The model is powered and controlled using the motors and controllers from two standard servos. Instructions on how to convert the servo are given in the instructions
Propshafts, tube and propeller.
Full sized plan
Building instructions with photographic building illustrations.

Scale: 1:36
Model length: 460mm

The steam Picket Boat was developed from the 63ft craft that were carried by Capital ships from 1863 that were launched and carried out attacks on the enemy fleet.

They were never used in such a role but became maids of all work for ships. They could be armed with a 3pd gun or a Nordenfelt machine gun. The 56ft was the most numerous and became a classic of its type.

After service with the Royal Navy the craft were constructed with the best quality and some even survive today in working order as does the version which has been restored to its original condition and is based at this time on the Thames river.