Empire Susan Tug

Empire Susan Tug

Ref: DM96

The Empire class tugs were of traditional design for single screw, similar to previous types such as the Warrior class with variations in design and power to cover a variety of roles. They were all built between 1941 -1946 and all had steam triple expansion engines. Some of them were coal fired, others oil fired and the class gave excellent service with some very long voyages from world wide bases to their credit.

Approximately 144 were constructed of which about half were in Naval service. This classic ocean steam tug was launched in 1944 at Clelands (Successors) Ltd at Willington of the Modified Englishman class. She was powered by a triple expansion engine oil fired giving a bollard pull of 15 tons on rpm of 108 and a top speed of 12 knots on a displacment of 987 tons.
Her weapons fit at the time was 2 x 20mm Oerlikons on bandstands

Kit Features:

Details and construction are similar to the rest of our modelrange, comprising of a Glass Fibre hull, plastic superstructure, cast metal & resin fittings, plus prop & shaft. Full size colour plan & comprehensive instruction book including details on powering these diminutive models with a standard servo giving main drive motor & electronic speed control.

All kits in the range have outstanding on the water performance as part of the design.