M.F.V. Vigilant

M.F.V. Vigilant

Ref: DM98

The Vigilant is based on a type of trawler and was one of the last and largest type of wooden built trawlers constructed. The design followed on from the timber built drifters of the day, but the steel built trawlers and stern trawlers coming into service replaced this type in the fishing fleets of the U.K as the larger trawlers were becoming uneconomic.

She was constructed by Herde Mackenzie of Peterhead in 1958 for the Devotion Fishing Co Ltd. Powered by a Ruston Hornsby 454 engine giving a top speed of 10 knots. Her frames were 4.5” thick Oak and spaced at 21”, The planking was 4” thick so she was of immensely strong construction. The cost of Vigilance was £67,492 when launched. She carried a crew of 11 and fished from Aberdeen usually making 3 trips per fortnight

Scale 1/72 Length 460mm Beam 100mm

This range of small prototypes ships to a scale as per the larger ships on our range Details and construction are similar to the rest of the models comprising of G/F hull, plasticard superstructure, cast metal & resin fittings, plus prop & shaft.

Full size plan & comprehensive instruction book including details on powering these diminutive models with a standard servos giving main drive motor & electronic forward- stop – reverse control are also included. All kits in the range have outstanding on the water performance as part of the design.

These kits are part of the railclass range in that they are capable of being radio controlled and used as static scenic models on railway layouts