Lady Nelson Cutter. 1:64 scale 530mm

Lady Nelson Cutter. 1:64 scale 530mm

Ref: VM1

The Cutter Lady Nelson is modelled on a typical British cutter of the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century.

The cutter is a native British design and was developed originally by the smugglers of Folkestone and surrounding areas. I did not take long for the Navy to appreciate the merits of the cutter’s design and were employed in the Navy from the middle of the eighteenth century to counter the smugglers.

The cutter was designed for speed, adopting an unusually large spread of sail for the size of vessel, deploying both fore and aft and square sails on a single mast. Cutters excelled at patrol and despatch duties due to their speed; however they were not suitable for close inshore work due to their deep draught.

This kit boasts the following features:
Laser cut ply and walnut components.
Double planked hull construction.
Wooden dowel mast.
Beech deck planking.
Cast metal fittings.
Cast metal cannons with plastic gun carriages.
Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging.
Walnut rigging blocks and Deadeyes.
Beech gratings.
Etched brass detail sheet.
Multi language assembly instructions.
Wooden display base and brass mounting columns.
Full sized profile and plan drawings with detail drawings to aid construction.